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What is Refurbrushed?

A paintbrush just isn't our tool, it has become our canvas as well.

We use humble, end of life materials, and transform them into pieces of art. Repurposed and brought to life, our brushes are sculpted, hand painted, and accessorized. 

Each brush is then added to their custom designed home, made from reclaimed wood... ready to add to your collection!

Create Your Own!

Interested in having your own REFURBRUSHED custom creation?  Send us your feedback and inspiration and let us create for you!

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Recycle < Upcycle

Have you ever thought about how many things we throw away, even though they can still be used?

We give these unsuspected materials a new life by turning them into artforms with huge personalities.

Our upcycled brushes play with notion of reforming beauty and value, and prove that some things are meant to be REFURBRUSHED!