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About the Artists

 Susan Sobel and Susanne Peltzman met in art school in the fall of 1980. Not only were they instantly aware of their energetic connection, they admired and complemented each other’s artistic abilities effortlessly.

They began to create together, founding a successful jewelry company that they named SOOZ.

As their friendship was unbound by change, their lives had taken on new paths, and in the late 1980’s they disbanded their business. They both took on new roles as moms, keeping their art close to their hearts while living many states apart.

A vow was made between Sue and Sue during that separation. “We will work together again by the time we are sixty years old”. They swore to it. Their artistic and creative forces have arrived, in the form of the creative company REFURBRUSHED.

REFURBRUSHED is exactly what the world needs right now, creativity flipped on its heads (or bristles). Levity, humor, fine art, multi mediums, and collaboration from hundreds of miles away. Not only is REFURBRUSHED aligned with their old ways of working, Sue and Sue love nothing more than to create custom brushes for their clients. 

With the use of their upcycled mediums and witty captions, the perfect gift can be created just for you…. REFURBRUSHED!


Susan Sobel

  Susan Sobel is a contemporary artist from Philadelphia Pennsylvania.  She received her training from one of the nation’s top ranked art schools; Tyler School of Art at Temple University where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Susan's passion for art and design has led her throughout her career, which ranged from jewelry design and metalsmithing, to custom faux finishing and decorative painting.  Her work and murals are recognized throughout South Florida in restaurants, yoga studios, hair salons, and mostly residential homes. Over the years, her clients frequently requested commission pieces including everything from portraits and landscapes, to contemporary statement pieces.

Since the most important thing in Susan's life is her family, she relocated in 2019 from South Florida to Orlando with her husband, to be with her children and grandchildren. At this time, Susan focused her career on her new found passion; painting original fine art in acrylic.

After doing commissions and murals for others for 20 years, Susan finds relief in loosening her control, painting abstractly and freely.  She moves paint around to see what she can find, discovering an adventure on each canvas. With textured mediums and through the use of soft and full body acrylics, the layers and lines in each painting tell a story inspired by nature.  She paints what she loves, showcasing abstract florals and landscapes, however; welcomes commissions upon request. 

You can view more of Sue's work at


Susanne Peltzman

 For over two decades, Sue Peltzman has been perfecting the art of jewelry making, generating never-before seen or worn jewelry to fulfill her clients' styles and requests. 

Sue uses precious metals as well as semi- precious stones to create one of a kind jewelry that speaks to the soul. Sue believes that the strength and softness in her designs will bring a sense of joy and vitality to every who woman wears her original designs. Her artistry has been lauded for its movement, as each piece echoes a sense of fluidity while sturdy in its composition. 

Her experience as an artist, mother and woman blends together to form her signature collection of jewelry. More than a pretty piece, one can trust that a Susanne TOBY original is infused with tenderness, spirit and a sense of belonging.

She creates her intricate and detailed pieces for clients worldwide from her studio in Philadelphia, Sue continually discovers new ways to provide joy to her customers. 

You can view more of Sue's work at