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How Wonderful Life Is With You In This World

How Wonderful Life Is With You In This World

$135 - $215, based on your inputs below


  • Recycled Paint Brush
  • Each Brush is Custom Hand-Painted
  • Accessories (if applicable) are Made from Recycled Materials
  • Each Face/Personality is Molded in Clay
  • Brushes are Held in Place by a Magnet and Easily Removed
  • Brush Box is Constructed from Reclaimed Wood
  • Brush Box has Pre-Installed Sawtooth Hook on Back, Ready to Hang
  • Approximate Weight of Brush in Box is 1 - 2 lbs 
  • Approximate Dimensions of Brush Box are 11.5" L x 6" W x 1.75" D
*Weight and Dimensions of each Custom Piece will Vary


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Are you a golfer? Do you like coffee? Did you just get engaged? Provide us with ideas such as a song, activity, or event to help customize your brush.

Provide us with a color scheme that will help customize your brush.

Do you love jewelry? Do you play tennis? Do you love ice cream? Let us know some accessories that we can add to help customize your brush.

What do you want your caption to say? Is it a song lyric? Is it your favorite quote? Or is it someones' name?

Here is your chance to describe your perfect brush. Aside from the information you entered above, let us know any other details or instructions to help customize your brush.

You can submit photos for inspiration on both Custom and Portrait brushes. All portrait brush orders must be submitted with an image.

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